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Taith Patagonia Siôn Brynach's Patagonia Trek
Hydref 2008 October


book cover

During the three months following my return from Patagonia, I processed the photos taken during the trek (they were all shot in RAW format and therefore had to be 'processed'). Subsequently I've created a book of the images and the diary I kept during the trip (which you can also read on-line).

Upon seeing it, several friends have asked to buy copies of the A4 full-colour 50 page glossy hardcover book, which includes over 140 photos. It is available in both English and Welsh.

If you too would like to buy a copy at cost price - £36.50 - then please send a cheque for this amount (payable to Siôn Brynach) to 13 Pembroke Road, Canton Cardiff, CF5 1QN making sure you provide your address and note whether you'd like a copy of the book in English or Welsh.

For a taste of the photos in the book then visit the on-line gallery, accessible by clicking on the photo of the book cover on the left.

The individual photos are also availble to buy, and if you'd like to buy a copy then please contact me by email to enquire about prices. Any profit from photo-sales will go to Mencap Cymru.

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