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Taith Patagonia Siôn Brynach's Patagonia Trek
Hydref 2008 October





Keeping a reasonable level of fitness has been importnat to me for several years and the key way in which I attempt to do so is by rowing on my Concept II rowing machine. I began rowing at college many years ago, and it was around 4 years ago that I grasped again the handle of the rowing machine.

Last year I managed to lose around three stone in weight through both rowing and counting calories and I'm keen now to retain and enhance that level of fitness as I prepare for October 2008's trek.

The other key way I try to keep fit is to walk back and forth to work each day - which takes around 25 minutes on foot, and as I go I'm able to listen to my iPod and use this time to learn ...


Spanish class

Soon after hearing about the Mencap trek to Patagonia I participated in the Menter Caerdydd short Spanish course. Over the sumer months I practised and learnt some more by listening to the Michel Thomas Spanish course.

Since October I've once again been attending weekly Spanish lessons, and my teacher is shown in this photo on the right. However, I'm also continuing to listen to the Michel Thomas course as I walk back and forth to work - and around 15 minutes once or twice a day enables me to learn and remember something each day.


photo of hills

Ever since my teenage years one of my most absorbing interests has been photography and in particular nature photography.

Recently I received a Nikon digital SLR as a gift and this has rekindled my interest in wandering the highways and byeways in search of things to photograph..

You can see some of the photos I took during summer and autumn 2007 on the photographs page and even buy them should you wish to do so, with all profits going towards the Mencap trek. To go to the photographs page please click here.

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